A smart way to sell your home


There are so many reasons why a person would want to sell their homes in Atlanta. Regardless of the reasons and condition that the house is in, the selling process is and has never been an easy one. Jerred Buys Atlanta Houses does not discriminate based on the condition that the houses are in. The houses are bought as they are.
Never lose sleep because of the following:

Tenants are bad

Bad tenants not only delay paying rent but also destroy fittings and other amenities. Once we buy the home, we will put our own screening mechanisms in place to deter this and reduce the costs.

Costly repairs that you cannot bear

moneyWhile we cannot deny the fact that this will have an impact on the overall proceeds of the sale, we cannot shy away from it since we also do repairs. Other issues like damages caused by fire, mold and a foundation that were not well done can be corrected at a cost that is minimal.

It is always advisable to consult Jerred Buys Atlanta Houses when you find yourself in the following situations that necessitate selling of your home:

Your house is need of repairs

These repairs could be a roof leaking, problems with plumbing, air-conditioning system and electrical works, attacks by termites and other vermin. You want to avoid getting into many scams that promise to buy your house. These sell quick scams will appear good from far but their deals are far from good. Our reviews online speak volumes on how ethical we are

This is not a realtor

Alternative solutions are being offered. You took a mortgage, and you are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure remains our key specialty. We will factor in the mortgage size, the value that the property can fetch, how far back the payments are and decide on the best course of action. We can either takeover payment or assumption. Every situation is unique.

You are on the verge of being declared bankrupt or you owe lien

Once you have been declared bankrupt, you are released from all debts and consequently, you cannot be allowed to enter into transactions or own properties. It is a bad thing. We have tailored products to help you address this.

You do not know how to start and conclude on a sale deal of your estate

couple buying propertyWe will be more than willing to step in and help you choose the best method. We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau who evaluated our processes and gave us thumbs up.

In conclusion, Jerred Buys Atlanta Houses are always the actual buyer of the homes. They are not posturing as middlemen out to take advantage of your predicament and rip-off. This means that your home will not remain in the market for too long as we speculate or wait for a buyer who is offering the best deals. The company will buy the home settles you off and look for the buyer later. Title checking and other logistics should take no less than a week. It is that fast and easy!