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The Benefits and Consequences of Having a Landscape Garden at Our House

garden grey

House improvement always comes with consequences, and the worst that can happen depends on whether we can foresee the impacts or not. And it relies strongly on how detailed our plan is before we build the improvement. One of the favorite house improvements is landscaping.

Creating a landscape garden on the vast empty backyard can significantly enhance the appearance of our house. All the plants and sidewalks you can enjoy every morning, and the water fountain that will freshen the soul of anyone looking at it; those are what most house owners are trying to achieve.

And in this writing, we are going to think deeply about the benefits and consequences, so that we can build the landscape wisely and efficiently.

The time allocation

yardEven before thinking of the budget, you should be very much aware of how much time you can allocate for building your dream landscape. And that time should be realistic enough with the complexity of your building plan and the afterward maintenance.

Building time can take as long as three months, especially if there are retouching every here and there. What is commonly happen is that a house owner feels dissatisfied once the builder executes the plan and the project is half done. It might be due to the errors made by the builder, or there has been a flaw in the plan. Either way, you should be aware of the fact that the improvement project can take longer than expected.

The after maintenance time allocation including plant treatment, wall retouching, and ornament care. If you have a fountain or a pool, the maintenance might even consume more of your time and your money.

This time allocation is a neutral factor, that can be either positive or negative for you. If you miss the calculation, it will be your negative risk, because the longer a project takes, the more money you will also spend.

Practical use of the landscape

decomposterIs a purely aesthetic pursuit deserves your money? Have you been considering the more practical purpose of your landscape? How will it contribute to the environment? These questions should be your concerns.

When building a project as important as house landscape, you should think of its practical purposes. There are many of them, but here we are specifically discussing how your landscape will affect the surrounding environment.

Firstly, the plants in your landscape will take fertilizer to grow and nourish. Buying synthetic fertilizer will cost you money, and it also has no contribution to the local environment, while you can make your garden as the decomposer for your household organic waste.

Many landscaping services are willing to listen to your unique plan. And conserving nature does not sound strange anymore, these days.

Increasing the property value

PropertyAny improvement will increase the house’s value. But an unfinished and abandoned landscaping project, no matter how good the plan has been, can decrease the house’s value. So, again, this very much depends on whether you can successfully realize your plan.

Remember that your house is also your investment. Once you fail to modify it and it looks ugly, you must do your best to undo that failure.…

How Much Can Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

It’s nice to remodel your bathroom and have it looking splendid. Taking a shower is supposed to be relaxing, and redesigning your bathroom properly is the best way to achieve this. But like any other house remodeling job, redesigning the bathroom has cost elements.

It’s important to draw up a budget and work within your limits to achieve the best results.


  • Basic bathroom remodeling

The bathroom remodeling cost for a basic update can set you back between $2,500 to $11,000 depending on what you want and how much you can afford to part with. With basic remodeling, interfering with the plumbing is out of the question because that would be very costly. For countertops, you could go for concrete or laminate. They are inexpensive but can still give you that elegant design. When tiling the bathroom, you can work on the bathtub and shower area without covering the whole space. Basic white tiles or ceramic tiles are ideal for this. Repainting the walls will also save you a lot of money as opposed to tiling or having a backsplash. The lighting and fixtures should be basic too. If the cabinets are in good condition, there should be no need to replace them, instead, you can repaint to give them a facelift.

  • Mid to upper range bathroom remodeling costs

Working on such a budget allows you to do some moderate or selective plumbing changes. It’s also possible to buy semi-custom cabinets with decorative finishes. Porcelain also replaces regular tiles when redesigning your bathroom on a mid to upper range budget. For countertops, precious stones like marble and granite can be used. The existing fixtures can also be replaced using copper or bronze which are much more durable than those bought off the shelf. The bathroom remodeling cost can be between $10,000 to $30,000.

  • Luxury bathroomneat bathroom

Some people prefer fine living and can certainly break the bank to achieve this. A luxury bathroom has all the markings of opulence such as solid wood cabinetry with custom finishes, countertops made of natural marble, granite or limestone, and high-end finishes for plumbing. There are also amenities like steam shower, a home salon for functions such as anal bleaching, radiant floor heating and massage facilities. The budget for this type of renovation is about $30,000 and above.

Redesigning your bathroom is a necessary undertaking, and you can work within your budget to achieve the best results. Costs differ because of so many reasons, ranging from where you live to the installations made. Early planning will definitely make the process seamless.…