Benefits of White Roof Coatings

white roof installations

Most homeowners are slowly coming to terms with the benefits of having white roof coatings. Roof coatings are beneficial to your home – they provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. Applying a white roof coating aids in enhancing the aesthetics of the house, and it also offers substantial cost benefits in terms of energy costs. That said, here are some important reasons that should aspire you to install a white roof coating at your home.

Makes The Home Cooler

Unlike dull surfaces, white roofs are known to be reflective. As such, the reflexive property of white roof coatings play a massive role in keeping your home cooler. This benefit is mostly felt during the hot summer months. This either makes the building cool or shields you from incurring extra costs to make your home cooler.

Reduced Energy Consumption

In line with keeping indoor temperatures low, white roof coating also reduce the amount of energy used to power the air conditioning unit. Not only does this reduce your spending on energy-related costs, but it also helps you leave a smaller carbon footprint because of spending less energy.

Reduced Roof Maintenance Costs

Roof degradation is a real concern to most homeowners. However, exposure to direct sunlight often takes a toll on the condition of the roof. Exposure to UV rays from the sun can be destructive. White roof coatings have the effects of shielding the rood from these damaging rays, which reduce the magnitude of the damage on your roof and extend its life.

Protects Water Damage

Leaks from the roof are among the many causes of home water damage. Adding a white roof coating on your roof serves to guard against leaks. Reduced leakages go a long way in reducing problems associated with water damage along with the effects of mold and mildew.

roof coatingsRebates

Compliance with energy regulation is rewarded in many ways. However, the rebates depend on where you live. Installing a white roof will automatically make you eligible for utility rebates. As such, besides saving on energy costs, investing in a white roof coating gets you qualified for substantial rebates.

Reduced energy costs are not the only benefits accrued to white roof coatings.